Dangerous Goods Licence For The Transport of Dangerous Goods

 Licence endorsements for transporting dangerous goods

If you're transporting dangerous goods, you usually need to have a dangerous goods (D) endorsement on your driver licence.

A lot depends on what you're transporting, how much of it and under what circumstances.

If you're transporting dangerous goods for hire or reward (e.g.. if you're a transport operator or a courier), you will usually need a D endorsement. There are some exceptions, which are listed in clause 9.2 of Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods 2005 and Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods Amendment 2010. Together these rules contain the current requirements in the Dangerous Goods Rule (The Rule).





A "DG" Endorsement is valid for 5 years.


For more information on obtaining a Dangerous Goods  endorsement on your licence, I recommend contacting AMS Group.

They can be contacted on:

Free phone 0800 267 476, or Hamilton 07 850 8319

To find out more, follow this link  http://www.amsgroup.co.nz/