Supervision and Training of Workers

You still need a certified handler for: – substances that require a controlled substance licence (CSL), such as most explosives, fumigants and vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs) – acutely toxic (6.1A and 6.1B) substances.

4.5 Duty of PCBU to provide information, training, and instruction.

(1) In addition to complying with regulation 9 of the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016, a PCBU must ensure that every worker who uses, handles, manufactures, or stores a hazardous substance (including hazardous waste) is, before the worker is allowed to carry out or supervise work involving those substances, provided with— (a) the information referred to in subclause (2); and (b) the training and instruction referred to in subclause (3). (2) The information is— (a) any operations in the worker’s work area where hazardous substances are present; and (b) the location and availability of known reference material on the hazards, safe handling, and storage of the hazardous substances found in the workplace, including (without limitation) safety data sheets. (3) The training and instruction must include— (a) training and instruction in the following: (i) the physical-chemical and health hazards associated with the hazardous substances the worker uses at work: (ii) the procedures (if applicable) for the safe use, handling, manufacture, storage, and disposal of the hazardous substances: (iii) practice in the safe use of plant (including personal protective equipment) necessary to manage the hazardous substances: (iiia) the worker’s obligations under these regulations: (iv) the actions that the worker should take in an emergency involving the hazardous substances; and (b) an appropriate period of practical experience of the matters described in paragraph (a), under direct supervision in the workplace.