LPG, forklifts and location test certificate requirements

When LPG in a cylinder is attached to a vehicle (such as a forklift) and used as fuel, then as a fuel tank it is exempt from the requirements of the Classes 1 to 5 Regulations.  As such when in use they do not count towards the total capacity of the location, and are not part of the location test certificate requirements.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is supplied in New Zealand as a mixture of  propane and butane. Limits on how much LPG can be stored indoors were changed following the reassessment of LPG in October 2010. 


LPG permitted for home use,

To find out the quantities permitted, follow the link Home use


LPG Reassessment - Signage for LPG within a building

The LPG reassessment decision varied the controls for signage where LPG is held inside a building. For the majority of buildings the signage threshold, from 2 March 2011, will be 50 kg.