Location Test Certificates

What is a Location Test Certificate?

In simple terms a Location Test Certificate is a bit like a Dangerous Goods Licence. If you hold very flammable substances or oxidising substances at your facility and they exceed the amounts set down in the legislation, you will need a Location Test Certificate and a Test Certifier will need to visit your facility to issue it. There are some limitations and exceptions to this but these apply mainly to flammable substances stored on farms and to exempt laboratories.


How do I know if I need a Location Test Certificate?

The requirements are set out in the Hazardous Substances (Class 15 Controls) Regulations 2001. If you hold a Class 2 Flammable Gas, Class 3 Flammable Liquid, Class 4 Flammable Solid or Class 5 Oxidising Agent or Organic Peroxide, you could very well require a Location Test Certificate. Class 6 Toxic, Class 8 Corrosive and Class 9 Ecotoxic Substances do not trigger Location Test Certificates. As a general rule, if you presently have a Dangerous Goods Licence, then you will probably need a Location Test Certificate.